School Management Services

EGC School Management Services works for existing schools as well as new school launch. The Three to Five years plan for existing schools begin with a complete school audit  and carry out a gap analysis between current state and Desired state & further develop Implementation & action plan.  To achieve desired results for a new or settled schools our Services provide complete oversight for educational and operational management of your school. In comprehensive management services including:

  1. Analyzing the location, Success possibilities, infrastructure requirements & Build-up campus.
  2. Correct choice of curriculum
  3. Recruitment plan for complete staffing TREE
  4. Identifying the training needs & professional development of staff
  5. Implementations of complete school curriculum
  6. Regular monitoring of Academic progress, Assessment of children’s learning
  7. Monitoring school performance and oversight of Annual strategic goals and evaluation/assessment process
  8. Identifying the target audience.
  9. Complete Branding & Marketing plan for the school.
  10. National & International launches & Tie ups
  11. Complete oversight for operation and management of the school, assessing and monitoring the quality of the educational programming, overseeing accreditation, and planning for additional grade levels/programs as required.
  12. Consulting with Directors, Principals, Head of school to build effective framework for Board leadership while Support the Chairman with an annual review.
  13. Preparation of the annual operating budget, Assist with development of systems for accounting, financial reporting, and audits.
  14. Ongoing school improvement planning, Policy manuals, including students, parents, and staff, Communication and public relations.
  15. Overall School improvement.

 EGC can seamlessly transition into the project and take over the responsibility for the management of the school, monitoring school performance and reporting regularly on outcomes. With EGC on board to manage your school, owners and trustees recognize that they can rely on our extremely successful experience of working with schools and ability to take on the complete school operation. We are capable of handling all aspects of school management services on a stand-alone basis. We have, for example, considerable experience in starting schools, strategic planning, recruiting staff, board governance, marketing and recruiting.